Ríos-Ferrer, Guillén-Llarena, Treviño, Rivera y Gutiérrez Abogados

We are a law firm focused and specialized in complex infrastructure and litigation matters. In order to provide a better service to our clients we offer Public Brokerage services. We focus on our best skills, knowledge and experience in those particular areas of expertise, bringing a distinctive difference of value-added legal services.

The legal services of Ríos-Ferrer, Guillén-Llarena, Treviño, Rivera y Gutiérrez, Abogados, are focused on issues of particular importance and complexity for our clients, which involve a professional challenge and result in the development of creative and innovative concepts. Therefore, we are a selective law firm in terms of the clients and cases we take on.

International experience

Ríos-Ferrer, Guillén-Llarena, Treviño, Rivera y Gutiérrez, Abogados has experience in international matters acquired mainly from the provision of services to companies, government offices and financial institutions in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe, where we have supported various well-known law firms.

Confidence and Certainty

Our firm has represented both public and private entities in infrastructure projects, including municipal, state and federal governments in Mexico, as well as the Government of Colombia and all Central American governments.

Our Story

The firm was established in 1989 by Mr. Ricardo Ríos Ferrer in Mexico City. Its first client was AT&T.