With more than thirty years of experience, our Firm is a leader in providing legal services related to the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.

Our team comprises lawyers specialized in the field, which has allowed us to provide our clients with an innovative and efficient service, adjusting to their particular needs.

We have provided legal advisory services to both Mexican and foreign companies, as well as to governmental entities (both federal and local), in these areas.

Obtaining concessions, authorizations and registrations

Legal advice in the preparation and filing of applications for concessions, authorizations and registrations before the Federal Telecommunications Institute ("IFT"), including participation in bidding processes.

Regulatory compliance and risk management

Advice and assistance for the compliance of regulatory obligations resulting from concessions/authorizations, as well as all applicable legislation and regulations.

Advice, preparation and management of all types of procedures related to authorizations and/or concessions granted by the IFT, including modifications, extensions, waivers, sanction procedures, etc.

Development and implementation of risk management schemes.

Specialized agreements

Drafting, negotiation and execution of specialized agreements for the provision of any type of telecommunications and/or broadcasting services, or services related to such sectors.

Representation before governmental authorities

Representation of our clients' interests before different governmental entities involved in the telecommunications and/or broadcasting sectors, including IFT, SCT, COFECE, PROFECO.

Economic Competition

We have a team specialized in economic competition and telecommunications, which allows us to provide comprehensive and highly specialized services:

  • Notice of mergers, including the filing of notices pursuant to the Ninth Transitory Article of the Telecommunications Constitutional Reform.
  • Preparation and filing of complaints before the IFT, for possible monopolistic practices by other agents.
  • Counseling and legal representation in the investigation procedures carried out by the Investigative Authority and, if applicable, the procedure followed in the form of a trial.
  • Development and implementation of compliance programs for risk management in economic competition matters.
  • Legal advice regarding participation in immunity programs.
  • Supervision of obligations of the Preponderant Economic Agent

Protection of personal data

We offer consulting services and legal advice on data protection:

  • Analysis and evaluation on the implementation of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties ("LFPD").
  • Advice on the implementation of data protection regulations, including the creation of privacy notices and comprehensive policies.
  • Conducting Due Diligence processes in order to verify full compliance in terms of the LFPD.
  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings related to personal data and information security, including exercise of "ARCO rights" and imposition of penalties and fines.

  • Public and private telecommunications networks
  • Fixed and mobile telephone services (local and long distance);
    • Interconnection disagreements
    • Infrastructure sharing
    • Fiber optic deployment
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP);
  • Satellite services;
    • Occupation of a geostationary orbital position
    • o Provision of satellite capacity from foreign satellites
  • Broadband services and internet access;
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Signal conduction and transmission
  • Broadcasting services;
  • Restricted cable and satellite television (DTH)
    • Must carry / must offer
  • Obligations of the Preponderant Economic Agent
  • Radio spectrum frequency bands