In the Administrative Law area, the Firm has carried out multiple transactions on behalf of both the private and public sectors, particularly at the Federal, State and Municipal levels. Among the transactions performed, we highlight the following:

Legal advice regarding the filing of the notice of merger in accordance with the provisions of the Ninth Transitory Article of the Telecommunications Constitutional Reform.

Legal advice in investigations and proceedings in the form of trial carried out by the Investigative Authority / Economic Competition Unit of the Federal Telecommunications Institute.



Processing applications before different administrative authorities, such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, among others.



Management of several matters before the Federal Economic Competition Commission, the National Registry of Foreign Investments, the Energy Regulatory Commission, the Commission for Regulatory Improvement, the Federal Commission for the Protection Against Health Risks, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, etc.



Likewise, administrative appeals have been filed with the corresponding authorities, such as the Federal Court of Justice for Tax and Administrative Matters.


Privacy Notice

Elaboration of privacy notices for those clients who hold and handle data of other individuals, according to the requirements and characteristics determined by the applicable legal framework.


Data Processing

Legal advice to clients who hold and handle data of individuals to guarantee data protection and obligations compliance in terms of applicable law.



Legal advice to prepare a proposal for secondary legislation on programming and audience rights, in protection of the right to information, derived from the Constitutional Reform on Telecommunications.