Jesús Armando García Lara



Jesús Armando García Lara was born in Mexico City. Law Degree (1998). He is experienced in providing legal services to domestic and foreign clients in the corporate law field. He has been a junior partner of Ríos Ferrer, Guillén-Llarena, Treviño y Rivera, S.C., since 2014.

Practice Areas:

Public Bids, Commercial and Civil Law, Corporate Law, Property/Real Estate Infrastructure Projects, Commercial Companies, Public Brokerage, Mergers & Acquisitions.


  • Law Degree. Escuela Libre de Derecho (1992 - 1997).
  • Diploma in Administrative Law. Universidad Panamericana. 1999.
  • Diploma in Administrative Law. Universidad Panamericana. 2000.
  • The Academy for American and International Law (Dallas, Texas 2002).
  • Preparation for the final exam to become a Notary Public in Commercial matters (Corredor Público) in Mexico City.

Professional Experience

“Ríos Ferrer, Guillén-Llarena, Treviño y Rivera, S.C.”
Junior Partner.
January 2005 to date.

Responsibilities: Legal advice in the corporate law field, foreign investment, mergers, acquisitions, trusts, incorporation of companies and legal advice in corporate matters. Drawing up and review of purchase and sale, lease and investment agreements with domestic and foreign clients.

He also actively participates in representing clients before the authorities in order to obtain concessions and permits, submitting consultations and advising on compliance according to the clients´ business activities.

He actively participates in the legal advice in support of the Notary Public in Commercial matters (Corredor Público) No. 56 in Mexico City, in the preparation and review of instruments and minutes witnessed by him, including deeds of incorporation of companies, mergers, transformations and liquidations.

He has participated in the representation of international companies to set up an international fiber-optic cable with landing points in the cities of Tijuana and Mazatlán in Mexico, as well as in leading companies worldwide for the establishment and operation of shopping centers in Mexico, assisting in the acquisition of the necessary property, reviewing the legal feasibility, including civil and agrarian matters.

He has actively participated in the advisory services provided to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, Infrastructure Subdirectorate, for the conceptualization and integration of the conditions and documents for the bidding process for the Morelia-Salamanca highway project.

In the area of public bidding, he has actively participated from (i) the definition of the applicable legal framework; (ii) the design, structuring and preparation of the main legal documents: Call for Bids, General Bidding Terms and Conditions, Concession Title and Contract, its appendices and schedules; (iii) Review and evaluation of the prequalification requirements from a legal perspective, as well as the completion of the Information Boards; (iv) Evaluation of bidders' proposals from a legal and financial perspective and (v) Support in the challenges filed by bidders as a result of the different projects awarded, for which the SCT's defense projects are prepared and advice to the Toll Roads Department is provided on their resolution through the legal opinions requested.

Winstead y Rivera, S.C.
October 1996 to December 2004

Responsibilities: In the corporate law area, he has actively participated in drawing up agreements, foreign investment, incorporation of companies, as well as representation of clients before public and private organizations.


English and Spanish